Cost per Acquisition

The most reliable and precise solution in advertising and marketing with a full guarantee in achieving the goals up to the last riyal. How to destroy the opportunities and effectiveness of advertising? 1-Make advertising mistaken by informing and Advertise without targeting. 2-Using inappropriate facilities, advertise at disproportionate locations for unrelated people 3-Use the irreverent tone and insecure expression. And if you do not intend to ruin your advertising budget for a very short time, just do not do the above. In this approach, which is recommended for businesses in the marketplace and startups customers who are in a single step are identified and connected to the sales team. Without paying attention to the above, this investment will have cost. Because a very large portion of advertising budgets is simply sending messages to people that Not a target audience. Café lead is the first digital marketing agency in Iran to provide part of its targeted service with a return guarantee, in return for obtaining the results of approval by the employer. And in this joint plan to seize more of the employer's share of the market, Cafe lead is committed to consulting, analyzing, continuously optimizing and providing transparent reports to its subscribers.


A convenient way to connect enthusiastic target customers to the membership or introduction page. This method is appropriate for news services, Educational organizers., marketplace, online content sales sites and online services And in addition to the advertising and notification process, the audiences connect quickly and easily to the services that they want In this process, the technical and marketing costs are entirely on CafeLead And after reaching for their goals, customers pay a cost for the work.


the Golden Leads are available from customers are identified that they are ready to buy that is provided by telephone and mobile phone or email that It is available to customers and subscribers of CafeLead. CafeLead is the first designer and provider of specialized Lead marketing services in Iran that This approach is very suitable for sales. In this process, all the technical and marketing costs are cafeLead responsibility And the employers pay the costs after the result.


CafeLead is a professional leader in giving a clear report and maping customer journey. We will be right beside our customers from the consulting processes until giving them the results with all needed explanations as a Market-Making expert.